Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Unfortunately for men, the male-dominant hormone testosterone peaks at around the age of 17 and only declines throughout the aging process. By the time most men reach retirement, they are left with only half of the amount of testosterone they once possessed in their youth. Low testosterone in men affects a wide number of bodily functions including digestion, cardiac and circulatory health, metabolism, weight, mental and emotional states, as well as sexual health. Luckily, hormone replacement therapy provides an all-natural, effective means of resupplying the hormonally deficient and imbalanced male body. This not only helps to rejuvenate, but keeps men young.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men - Low Testosterone Springfield MO

Hormone replacement therapy can provide men with a safe hormone alternative. The benefits associated with redistributing all-natural testosterone throughout the aging male body has an impressive list of benefits including:

• Leaner Muscle

• Decreased Body Fat

• Higher Bone Density

• Healthier Cholesterol Levels

• Rejuvenated Sex Drive

• Wider Coronary Arteries

• Prostate Cancer Inhibition

• Improved Memory and Concentration

• Improved Moods and Prevention of Depression

• Higher Levels of Energy

• Improved Metabolism

• Better Sleep

• Improved Digestion

• Reduced Stress Levels

• Lower Blood Pressure

• Stronger Immunity

• Healthy Aging and Prolonged Youth

• Increased Endurance

Hormone Replacement Therapy provides a safe and effective means of treating and preventing the symptoms associated with aging without the side effects included in the use of synthesized hormone supplements.  If your overall feeling of well being has declined in recent years, let us get that extra zest for life back.  Schedule an appointment for your consultation today.