Medical Weight Loss Memberships

We developed these weight loss membership packages as a way to provide our patients, wanting the best way to lose weight, an affordable option to get the most out of our program. A membership also aids in accountability which is a large factor in being successful at any weight loss program.

Medical Weight Loss Memberships - Best Way To Lose Weight Springfield MO

3 Month Membership Includes:
3 Monthly Follow-Up Visits ($225 value)
5 Lipotropic Injections ($129 value; max of 1 injection per week)

Total Value: $354
Membership Price: $297 ($99/month)
Savings: $57

6 Month Membership Includes:
6 Monthly Follow-Up Visits ($450 value)
10 Lipotropic Injections ($258 value)
Total Value: $708
Membership Price: $570 ($95/month)
Savings: $138

All memberships require an Initial Weight Loss (Establishing Appointment) prior to purchase.

Labs, lab draws, and lab reviews are not included as part of any membership; any labs required for treatment may be billed to in-network insurance or paid out-of-pocket for cash paying patients.

During membership term, you will receive:
*10% off of all Orthomolecular supplements
*Additional Lipo-Extreme series of 5 injections for the price of $99

**All membership benefits (remaining Lipo injections, remaining visits, supplement discount) expire on membership expiration date.**