Diagnostic Testing

The True Health Diagnostic Lab is a comprehensive lab test. By working with us as your alternative medicine healthcare provider and sticking to your specific treatment plan, together we can predict, prevent, manage, and reverse your health risks for a longer healthier life.

True Health Diagnostic Labs exam your Cholesterol including your good cholesterol, bad cholesterol and triglycerides. It exams the specific particles within your good and bad cholesterol looking for indicators of an increased risk for Coronary Artery Disease. It will also determine how your body produces and absorbs cholesterol and how you process fats.

With these labs we also have the ability to do genetic testing that indicates risks for blood clotting and/or strokes and look for inflammation in the body and heart vessels.

We are also able to exam your heart with Pro-BNP which indicates heart issues such as palpitations and murmurs.

Diagnostic Testing - Alternative Medicine Springfield MO

Diabetic testing is also done with the True Health Diagnostic Lab and not only tells us your average blood sugars and fasting blood sugars, but tells us if you are insulin resistant and looks at your total insulin.

The True Health Diagnostic Lab can give us a complete Hormone Panel to determine the hormone levels your body is producing.

Other areas encompassed in this lab are, liver function, kidney function, muscle function, homocysteine, thyroid function, and vitamin D levels.

Each part of this lab provides us the opportunity to predict and prevent health issues down the road. In many cases there are simple solutions that involve holistic approaches to treatment and prevention. If you want to get serious about your health and wellness and take an active role in your health and wellness, come see us for your own True Health Diagnostic Lab to get a complete picture.

As you can tell from the information above, this is a very complex and comprehensive test. You will receive a full, customized booklet of your lab results which we will go over with you in order to explain the results in detail. Based on your results, we will offer a treatment plan specific to your results to improve your overall health and wellness.