Women’s Health

All women deserve to feel their best through every stage of their life. Our women’s health services are designed to help direct women gracefully through health changes and health challenges.

Caring for Women

Integrative women's health places empowerment firmly in the hands of the patient. Our medical approach is centered around the patient, providing women with a platform to express not only their physical symptoms but also their mental and emotional experiences. By fostering open communication, we unlock the advantages of holistic health, enabling us to craft solutions that foster long-term, sustainable balance. This patient-centered approach recognizes the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being, paving the way for comprehensive and personalized healthcare that resonates with each woman's unique journey.

Every woman deserves to be heard, helped and given HOPE.


Routine /Preventative Care

Routine women's health exams are important for preventative measures and to ensure balance is maintained. 

Pregnancy & Postpartum

We can help women and their babies through every step of their pregnancy. From morning sickness to labor prep and beyond SDG.

Hormone Balancing

We believe in empowering women through their hormones. We offer relief for women suffering from irregular periods, PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, uterine fibroids, and luteal phase defect from puberty to menopause.

Perimenopause/ Menopause

We support women navigating through changes related to the menopausal transition providing them with relief and normalcy. You don't have to suffer through unwanted symptoms. 

Fertility & Family Planning

We provide recommendations and support as you begin to plan for your family's future. Progesterone management and natural contraception options are available to help during every stage of your journey.  

The Integrative Approach

Women possess distinct healthcare requirements tailored to their unique physiological needs. While it's acknowledged that men may encounter similar health concerns, a noticeable gap in conventional medicine often surfaces, particularly concerning female reproductive health. The intricacies of women's health demand specialized attention and understanding, emphasizing the necessity for a more targeted approach in healthcare practices.



Safe: treatments often have little to no side effects
Preventative: focuses on diet and lifestyle to prevent further health problems
Patient-centered: treatments are unique to each person depending on their physical, mental, and emotionally needs

Commonly Treated:


  • Preconception Counseling 
  • Prenatal Care 
  • Postpartum Care and Support 
  • Female Primary Care 
  • Hormone Testing and Treatment 
  • Pelvic Floor Referrals 
  • Well-Woman Exams
  • Pessary Insertion and Management 
  • Family Planning
    ...And more! 

"Integrative medicine allows me to listen and truly hear my patients. I love being part of the journey for a woman through many different stages of her life. From wellness to pregnancy to post menopause, my passion is truly caring for ALL women. I'm so thankful to have that opportunity at Kare Health & Wellness"

Jessi Jewell, WHNP-BC

"Jessi is AMAZING! I'm so glad she's joined the Kare team!" 

"Jessi took the time to really listen to me, and that meant alot. I've seen many different OBGYN providers in my life. None have treated me so kindly as Jessi did. I highly recommend her to everyone" 

"Being able to have all of my care under one roof, makes it so easy. The addition of Jessi has made Kare my go-to place" 

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