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My Child Won’t Eat Anything Green! – Pediatric Care Springfield Missouri

It’s a tale as old as time: Little ones turn up their noses at veggies, leaving parents frantic over nutrition. Incorporating fruit and vegetables into your child’s daily diet is essential to ensure they’re getting plenty of vitamins and minerals … Read More

The Unexpected Benefits of Family Vacations – Family Medicine Springfield MO

Spring break season is finally here. If you’re a parent, there’s a good chance you’re packing up the little ones and heading out to the beach, the mountains or another favorite vacation spot. However, if a family vacation wasn’t on … Read More

Dangers of Food Additives – Pediatric Springfield Missouri

Cookies, candy, and cereal. Oh my! October seems to be the transition month from fresh and nutritious summer foods to the crazy holiday foods that could end up doing more harm than the fun of eating it is worth. Many … Read More

Immune Boosting for Children – Family Medicine in Springfield Missouri

It’s much easier to prevent illness rather than spend time on visits to the doctor’s office. While many children do not need much more than whole foods, play, and love to be healthy year-round, some children are prone to colds, … Read More

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