Red Light Therapy

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Red and near infrared (NIR) light therapy, often simply referred to as “red light therapy”, is a type of therapy that uses specific wavelengths of light to bring about positive health benefits.

Our BIOMAX Platinum LED light includes red and near infrared spectral output featuring the seven wavelengths of 480nm, 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm, 850nm and 1060nm

This spectral output has been perfected for human therapy use by emitting an output that matches as close as possible to the body's own coefficient of spectral absorption. This is the science of red/NIR light therapy and one that only PlatinumLED has mastered.

Our Red Therapy Lights offer maximum energy output and a multi-wave spectrum, providing clinical-grade red light therapy treatment and SUPERIOR results!

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"The benefits of Red Light Therapy are unmatched. I've been using red light in my home for several years. For my patients who have inflammation and pain or our athletes who are looking for cleaner recovery tools, I know red light therapy is the key"

Keri Sutton, ANP-C / Owner, Founder

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

By exposing the body to low levels of red or near-infrared light, this non-invasive treatment stimulates cellular function and promotes healing. Its versatility and effectiveness make it a popular choice for individuals seeking natural and non-invasive solutions to various health concerns. It's benefits are truly unmatched:

Increased blood circulation

Reduced inflammation

Pain relief, muscle relaxation, and reduction in joint stiffness 

Increased collagen 

Improved skin health such as reduction in lines, wrinkles, increased wound repair and improved appearance of scars

Reduced muscle recovery time

Improved physical performance

Stimulation of hair growth 

Increased fertility 

Enhanced overall health 

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What To Expect From Your Red Light Session

During a red light therapy session, you can expect to experience a comfortable and relaxing environment. Many people find the experience soothing and may even use the time to meditate or relax. After the session, you can resume your normal activities immediately, as there is no downtime associated with red light therapy. Over time and with consistent sessions, you can expect to see improvements in various aspects of your health and well-being.

Session Duration 10-20 minute sessions are recommended as often as daily. 
Eye Protection Protective glasses should be worn during your session. We provide eye protection to our patients and guests. 
Clothing Make sure the area of your body you are treating is fully exposed to light and not covered by clothing.
After effects It is common to feel gentle warmth during and after your treatment. You will experience more relaxation, less stiffness and pain relief with consistent treatments over time.

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