Integrative Wellness

Your Health and Wellness is our Primary Kare

Reaching and maintaining wellness should be the ultimate goal of healthcare. Our Integrative Wellness services are for those patients who need an annual exam or periodic check up. These wellness services are offered to patients ages 13 and up. 

We offer annual wellness exams, sick visits, basic diagnostic tests and labs, women’s wellness visits and exams, and physicals for work, school, and sports. We are in network with a variety of insurances. If we are not in network with your insurance carrier, we also offer cash rates for our services. All diagnostic testing, labs, and referred specialist visits would still be covered according to your insurance plan.

We truly see our patients on a continuum. Beginning towards the functional end needing more time and more diagnostic labs to investigate problems such as chronic inflammation, adrenal issues, fatigue, and hormonal imbalances. Then once these things are addressed and positive progress has been made, we can continue our journey towards our “Integrative Wellness” services. 

Come and experience a different type of care, where you are NOT just a number. Our version of primary care in Springfield Missouri utilizes a functional medicine approach, so you can expect longer visits, patient-centered care, a relationship with our providers and staff, open communication/discussion in treatment options, and overall improvement in your health and wellness.

Our focus is on disease prevention and maintaining wellness. Our integrative wellness services are designed to give YOU options for your healthcare with holistic recommendations and integrative therapy options while still listening to your needs and goals. 

For all of your integrative wellness needs Kare Health & Wellness will provide you with the highest standard of health care.  

*Complicated cases may require a higher level of assessment and treatment (Functional Medicine), which we will determine once we receive your completed new patient paperwork.

Kare Health & Wellness - Primary Care Springfield MO

Annual Exams

For some patients, the only time they see their Medical Provider is for their yearly check-up. We encourage complete annual exams along with lab testing as a means to determine how your health and wellness is progressing from year to year. These exams allow us to catch problems before they become serious issues. Prevention is always the preferred path to better health and wellness.

Sick Visits

We all end up sick at some point. Whether you have a cold, the stomach flu or just don’t feel quite right, we are here to help you get through it and back to feeling well again. We do accept certain private insurance plans. Please present your insurance card at check-in for verification of coverage or provide us with a copy of your insurance card prior to your visit so that we may verify your coverage prior to your visit.

Women’s Health

Yearly exams are very important in staying healthy and we encourage every female patient to receive their annual exams. Anywhere from breast exams to paps. It’s important to feel comfortable and cared for while visiting our clinic. Keri and her team make sure to make any exam or procedure as comfortable for you as possible.

Health Physicals

If you are required to have a physical to participate in work, school, and sports, we offer complete physicals.  It is always important to take every physical seriously, but especially when you are preparing to take part in a activity.  We want to make sure you are in the best possible shape so you can be successful in whatever activity you participate.