IV Therapy

Our approach is to provide effective therapy options while focusing on prevention and symptom treatment.

The word intravenous (IV) simply means “within a vein”, and this type of therapy is the giving of liquid substances directly into a vein.

Intravenous (IV) therapy is a method of feeding vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies. The fact is, only about 20-30% of the nutrients we eat are absorbed into the body. The rest are lost in the digestion process. IV therapy in Springfield Missouri is the fastest and most effective way to deliver fluids and medications throughout the body. Nearly 100% of the nutrients delivered intravenously are available for use by the cells of the body.

Why not ensure 100% absorption of your vitamins and minerals?

Oral intake of such high doses is simply not possible due to absorption limitations from the digestive process. Patients can get up to 10 times the nutrients in one treatment as they could get orally in one day.

A good example of this is the use of Vitamin C when trying to overcome a cold due to some sort of virus. The antiviral effects of Vitamin C are seen when blood levels are around 10-15 mg/dL. This level is achievable with IV therapy but not orally. Oral dosage typically peaks with blood levels around 1.2-4.0 mg/dL vs. IV therapy of 50-90 mg/dL.

Effective IV therapies, especially for viral/bacterial infections, cancer, Lyme disease, and difficult to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, continue to be a major reason patients choose alternative medicine.











Your Complete IV Therapy Experience


Enjoy a relaxing environment designed as an oasis of zen while you infuse. Our staff is dedicated to providing hospitality & quality care  for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Relax - IV Hydration in Springfield Missouri


Battling any sickness is exhausting. Rehydrate with fluids and nutrients that your body desperately needs. Feel better faster with special blends and personalized plans to help you recover fast.

Recover - IV Hydration in Springfield Missouri


The administration of essential nutrients can lead to increased mental clarity, mood, skin health and a decrease in anxiety and depression. IV therapy is an indispensable tool to fuel your body's needs.

Replenish - IV Hydration in Springfield Missouri


Adequate nutrients are essential to a health mind, body and spirit. Our IV therapy is designed to help restore balance and give you back the energy and strength your body needs.

Restore - IV Hydration in Springfield Missouri

Guaranteed Absorbtion

With IV therapy, you can rest assured the vitamins are completely and quickly absorbed into your bloodstream, which allows your body to utilize them immediately.

Energy Boost

If you are suffering from fatigue, anxiety, a common cold or respiratory illness, IV therapy can help boost your immune system to help you feel refreshed and energized.


Toxins in your everyday environment take a toll on your health. IV therapy supplies your body with additional help your body needs to flush harmful toxins more effectively.

Immune System Support

IV therapy can be a successful step in supporting the immune system. Therapeutic doses of vitamin C have been shown to be toxic to cancer cells and are well-known for their effectiveness in building immunity.

Immediate Restoration

It can up to two days to completely digest the foods you eat. With IV therapy, you can begin to feel the positive effects on your body almost instantly. Within several hours, you can feel the full effects of the IV nutrients.

Customized Treatments

There are several IV therapies available to meet your nutritional & immune needs. Therapies are customized by our medical providers based on your nutritional deficiencies and treatment goals.

Create Your Personalized
IV Plan

Our experienced providers will design a personalized plan that addresses all of your symptoms, restores balance and unlocks your body's full potential.

This is personalized medicine.

Viral Prevention UPDATED for Guests

Our Viral Prevention IV is packed full of immune boosting vitamins including 10 grams of Vitamin C to support your strong immune defense response! 

This IV is available to both established patients & guests!

NAD Therapy Springfield Missouri

NAD+ is the building block of a healthy body that the brain, our internal organs and neurological systems need to function at optimal efficiency.

Ozone Therapy Treat Epstein Barr Virus Springfield Missouri

Ozone (O3) is a molecule which consists of three oxygen atoms all sharing the same electrons. 

Ozone is a very unstable molecule which happens to be exactly why it is so powerful!

Radiation Pre-Post Treatment IV Therapy Alternative Cancer Treatment Springfield Missouri

Our goal is to give you additional support during your cancer journey. Our Pre/Post Radiation IV is designed to help replenish your system and keep you feeling good during your cancer therapy. 

Poly MVA - Cancer Alternative Therapies Springfield Missouri

Poly MVA is a uniquely-formulated dietary supplement containing a blend of the mineral palladium bonded to Alpha Lipoic Acid; along with Vitamins: B1, B2 and B12, Minerals molybdenum, rhodium, and ruthenium and Amino Acids formyl-methionine. 

Poly-MVA may assist in boosting immune response by replenishing key nutrients and supporting cellular metabolism.

Curcumin IV Cancer Alternative Therapies Springfield Missouri

Curcumin is derived from the rhizome of the medicinal plant turmeric (curcuma longa) which belongs to the family of ginger plants. 

This natural substance has extremely diverse potential and can be utilized in treating many diseases.  For centuries turmeric has been recognized as a healing agent in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. 

Immune-Drip-IV Therapy Springfield Missouri

 Our Immune Support intravenous blend provides the specific vitamins, minerals and amino acids  your body needs and may not be receiving from your diet.  Immune IVs can be given regularly during the cold and flu season to boost your immune system’s ability to fight impending viruses and bacteria.

Athletic Performance IV Therapy Springfield Missouri

Competitive athletes push their bodies to the limit, consuming large amounts of vital nutrients as a normal part of metabolism.  Metabolism converts carbohydrates, fats, and proteins found in food into energy through a complex series of chemical reactions. These reactions are catalyzed by enzymes. Metabolic enzymes require vitamin and mineral cofactors. These include: Vitamin C, B-complex, Magnesium, and Zinc. 

IV nutrient therapy helps athletes to boost performance, increase strength, reduce fatigue and shorten recovery time.  The treatments we have found to be most helpful with athletic performance include an array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and glutathione.  

Weekend warriors, yogis, and athletes of all kinds use IV therapy to perform better and recover faster. Our IV services are not exclusive to professional or extreme athletes and can be used pre or post activity. Consider IV therapy to help achieve new personal bests!

Glutathione IV Therapy Springfield Missouri

  Glutathione is the "master detoxifier" and is able to prevent damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides, and heavy metals.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - IV For Chronic Illness in Springfield Missouri

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) is an antioxidant that is made by the body and is found in every cell, where it helps turn glucose into energy.

IV-Poly-MVA-DCA Alternative Cancer Treatment Springfield Missouri

Poly MVA together with DCA have increased cancer cell death. This combination is particularly helpful in patients with advanced cancer who have failed standard oncology and natural therapies.

The Poly MVA and DCA combo therapy attacks the cancer cells where they are the weakest via its unique (but impaired) metabolism. 

This combination treatment for cancer has been one of the biggest advances in integrative cancer therapies in the past 20 years


Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is the basic building block of the membranes of every cell in the body.  As we age or fight illness this phospholipid decreases within the cell membranes and is replaced with less beneficial phospholipids that can trap lipids and toxins within the cell. 

High-Dose-IVC-IV Vitamin C Springfield Missouri

The most well-known IV therapy is high-dose intravenous vitamin C (HDIVC).

We offer HDIVC in the following dosages:  25 gram, 35 gram, 50 gram, 75 gram, 100 gram. 

Chelation Therapy - IV For Chronic Illness in Springfield Missouri

Excessive toxic metal exposure from the air, food, water, dental amalgams, and other sources is becoming a recognized and established underlying cause of both acute and chronic disease.

Artemisinin IV Therapy Alternative Cancer Treatment Springfield Missouri

Artemisinin has been shown in multiple cell line studies to have a positive tumor kill effect.  It reacts with iron to form free radicals that can kill cancer cells. It has been shown to demonstrate antitumor activity against colon cancer, and to induce apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells. 

Viral-Replenishment-IV - Boost Immune System Springfield Missouri

After recovering from a viral illness, your body must work harder to rebuild the immune system defense while also replenishing any deficiencies. This IV was designed to target specific areas where viral illnesses deplete our immune system. By including a higher dose of Vitamin C, this powerful IV creates an effective defense against viral illness. Included is a strong dose of Glutathione, the “Master Detoxifier” which helps improve oxygen saturation, reduce viral load, improve breathing and speeds up recovery from viral illnesses.

Ideal for: Acute Viral Illness, Post-Flu, Post-Acute illness 


Methylene Blue provides benefits to the brain and the body, spanning all the way down to the molecular level in the mitochondria.

Effective Care!

Only about 15% of the active nutrients consumed orally find their way into your blood stream.

Our IV blends deliver vitamins, minerals & amino acids, and replenishing fluids, into the bloodstream with effective and fast absorption, where they are immediately available for your cells to use!

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We do not accept any health insurance plans for our IV therapies.

However, we can provide documentation for you to submit directly to your insurance.

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