Vitamin Injections

B-12 Injections

These are injections containing only B-12 for replenishing your body if you are deficient in vitamin B. These B-12 vitamin injections are also used for increasing energy, increasing metabolism, and weight loss.  We use only the most bioavailable form of B-12 called methylcobalamin.  These injections are given into the muscle.  Most people require these injections monthly, but they can be done as often as weekly.

Vitamin Injections - Lipotropic Injections Springfield MO



Our customized, compounded injection contains B complex vitamins and amino acids. The Lipo- Extreme contains additional ingredients, making it our most popular injection. L-Carnitine is another amino acid added as it plays an important role in metabolism of fat. It burns fatty acids, such as triglycerides, as fuel. Therefore it aids in increasing energy by utilizing fats, reducing fat storage, and lower cholesterol levels.  It has been shown to reduce the accumulation of metabolic wastes during exercise, helping increase workload output during exercise and enhancing recovery post-exercise. It also helps to improve endurance by inhibiting the build-up of lactic acid, one of the primary causes of fatigue. L-Carnitine is also important for brain and heart function.

The Lipo-Extreme formula also contains chromium which stimulates muscle growth, and reduces the bodies fat stores, while conserving lean muscle mass.  Chromium also improves insulin efficiency, glucose and fat metabolism, and reduces appetite. The last ingredient in this formula is adenosine monophosphate. This is a precursor to ATP, which is the energy source of our cells. It is also a key component in certain reactions necessary for proper fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Research has indicated that low levels of ATP may predispose people to be overweight and suffer from loss of energy. Therefore, supplementing with injections containing adenosine can be used to treat chronic fatigue as well as having improving weight loss. Adenosine has also been shown to decrease nerve pain, such as post herpetic neuralgia and fibromyalgia.  The fat melting effects of chromium, the energy surge from the adenosine, and the metabolism support from the amino acids and B vitamins will provide noticeable weight loss results. These injections are typically administered weekly.


*Injections are available to established patients and require routine lab work* 


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