Integrative Pediatrics

Minimizing the exposures our children have can prevent future illness and/or disease.

Reasons for the use of Integrative Pediatrics can include the desire to support the body’s natural healing process, the wish to explore all treatment options, and preference for less invasive treatments. Integrative Pediatrics has the potential to expand treatment options for your child and the ability to introduce new approaches to chronic conditions. Integrative medicine prioritizes health and wellness from childhood through adulthood.

Our practitioners begin with a detailed history of reactions, environmental factors, and current dietary habits to formulate a personalized plan for your child to alleviate their symptoms. Many illnesses and diseases we experience as adults are a result of our exposures as a child. Therefore, if we can be proactive in minimizing the exposures our children have we can more successfully prevent future illness and/or disease.

Abdominal Pain
Allergy Symptoms
Behavioral Concerns
Diarrhea/ Constipation
Emotional Outbursts
Weight Loss/ Weight Gain

Food Allergy, Sensitivity related Issues
Behavioral Issues
Gut Issues 
Toxic Exposures
Vitamin & Nutrient Deficiencies 

Food Allergies 
Food Sensitivities 
Thyroid Imbalance
Nutritional Deficiencies 
Stool /Microbiome Testing

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We listen to you

We know that you know your child better than anyone else. We respect your input and decisions

We See Your Child As A Whole Person

Functional Medicine can benefit every patient, regardless of their age.

We Recommend Natural Products

We know that choosing quality, natural options is a priority for optimizing your child's health

We Aim To Be Proactive

Many childhood and adolescent conditions are preventable by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle choices

We Respect Your Decisions

We empower YOU to choose what is best for your child and their stage of life.

We Know Food Is Medicine

We educate your family on healthy food choices to build a foundation focused on wellness.

The Kare Approach

We look at your child as a whole person instead of isolating their symptoms. This helps us identify underlying problems that may have never been discovered before.

Factors that influence a healthy and balanced child can include sleep, nutrition, lifestyle and environments. By addressing each of these areas, we can create a comprehensive plan to address concerns and prepare for the age related and developmental changes you and your child will encounter.


Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to poor physical and mental health – including weight gain/obesity, diabetes, heart disease, weakened immune system, poor growth, anxiety/depression, poor memory, and ADHD symptoms. Kids grow while they sleep. Our bodies and brains “clean up” and detoxify the day’s toxic load while we sleep.
Kids are still growing, they’re still developing in so many different ways, and so those nutrients that we talk about as being important for adults are arguably even more important for kids.
Our approach to care includes a comprehensive assessment of your child's lifestyle. From nutrition and fitness to emotional and mental health, we use Functional Medicine to connect the dots.
When looking at your child as a whole person, we not only consider the inside, but we also consider the outside factors- the Environmental factors. These could be exposures, pollutants, water quality, contaminates, etc. We can also explore the emotional and mental environment. This could include living situation, social environment, friendships, etc. All of which play a role in how their bodies are developing and how they process stress, nutients and sleep.

Percentage of children in the US ages 6-11 who are considered obese

Percentage of children in the U.S. ages 5-17 diagnosed with ADHD
Environmental Exposures
Percentage of childhood diseases caused by environmental exposures
Chronic Conditions
Percentage of children in the U.S. that live with
chronic health conditions

Your Child Is Unique!

Integrative Pediatrics is “the best of all worlds” approach. We create a personalized and unique plan for your child and their unique needs.

No two children are the same- therefor no two plans are the same.

Our recommendations for treatment will include the most appropriate and evidence-based option as well as alternative treatment modalities that are best suited to each individual child and family.

These can include dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, pharmaceutical medications, lifestyle management, homeopathic medicines and/or herbal medicines.

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As a parent, you are constantly trying to decide what is best for your child. We are here to help you along that journey.

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