About Kare Health and Wellness

Welcome to Kare Health and Wellness. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to participate in your healthcare needs. There are hundreds of providers and clinics for you to choose from in the Springfield MO area. The fact that you chose Kare is an honor.

Our clinic began in 2012 initially to provide quality health care services at reduced rates for the under and uninsured individuals of southwest Missouri. As our clinic has grown, we have expanded our services, products, and staff. A few years ago, Keri Sutton, the owner of Kare Health & Wellness became frustrated with conventional western medicine’s approach of waiting for disease to develop, then treating the symptoms.

So Keri began learning about functional medicine and she was intrigued and excited about a new approach that could actually help people feel better and actually prevent diseases. The goal of Functional Medicine is not only to improve your health if you have a chronic illness, but to prevent future health issues. It’s a patient-centered approach, where we address the whole person not just your isolated set of symptoms. For those who are sick and tired of being sick or tired, Functional Medicine offers new hope.

About Kare Health and Wellness Springfield MO


We offer many programs, personalized for you, that will remedy or reduce the severity of your symptoms, help prevent chronic disease and get your body and mind as healthy as possible. We see fewer patients per day to allow us to spend time with our patients. We work together to address the underlying causes of disease.

We are dedicated to providing personalized medical care in a safe and caring environment, where all patients and clients feel seen, heard and cared for. We seek to help empower each patient and client to take charge of their health and give each patient and client the tools and inspiration to do this. We hope you enjoy your experience with a different kind of medical center. Your life, your health, our purpose!