Infrared Laser Therapy

Kare Health & Wellness focuses on true healing, rather than mere symptom relief. This is why Infrared Laser Therapy is an effective alternative that we offer to athletes as well as any patient with pain interested in holistic medicine in Springfield Missouri.

Providing natural theraputic options

Infrared laser therapy targets damaged tissue with specific wavelengths of light that have been found to interact with tissue and accelerate the healing process. We offer a state-of-the-art Class IV laser, has been found to penetrate tissue and initiate healing on a cellular level, allowing some patients to return to normal, everyday activities with little to no pain.

Much like photosynthesis in plants, light energy passes through the skin, into the cell membrane, initiating a process called photobiostimulation. This process enhances the body’s natural regenerative functions, as well as stimulating the release of endorphins and collagen. It may eventually even normalize damages or injured tissue.

Symptoms & Conditions Addressed


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Tennis Elbow
Neck Pain
Lower Back Pain
Rib Pain
Ligament Sprains
Muscle Strains
Repetitive Stress Injuries
Chondromalacia Patellae
Plantar Fasciitis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Myofascial Trigger Points
Shoulder, Back & Knee Pain
Herpes Zoster (Shingles)
Post-Traumatic Injury
Diabetic Neuropathy
Sports Injuries
Auto & Work Related Injuries

Benefits of Infrared Laser Therapy

Therapeutic Effects

During each painless treatment, laser energy increases circulation, drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients to the damaged area. This creates an optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness, and pain. As the injured area returns to normal, function is restored and pain is relieved.

Cellular Effects

During laser therapy, infrared laser light interacts with tissues at the cellular level increasing metabolic activity within the cell.  By improving the transport of nutrients across the cell membrane, the increased production of cellular energy (ATP) is stimulated. The cascade of beneficial effects that follows includes increased cellular function and tissue repair.

Consistent Frequency

The measurable effects of laser therapy are cumulative in nature and usually require multiple treatments. Many times the patient will experience relief immediately after the first treatment. But, the number of sessions will depend on the exact diagnosis, age and overall health status of the patient. In general, acute conditions can be treated more frequently and require fewer visits, typically 4 to 6. Chronic conditions may require 6, 8 or 10 more visits.

Effective Pain Management

The laser was invented in 1960 and the biostimulative properties of laser light were first discovered in 1967. Therapy lasers have been used in Europe much longer than in the United States. The United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) first cleared therapy lasers in
2002, and Class IV lasers in 2003

K-Laser Therapy - Regenerative Medicine in Springfield Missouri - Brenna

"After using Infrared Laser Therapy as part of treatment for many patients, I've seen the benefit first hand. After a few treatments, we see consistent reduction in pain and discomfort. Long term benefits make Infrared Laser Therapy an important part of restoring peace for many people"

Brenna, Patient Educator and Staff Development 

Physiological & Biological effects of Laser Therapy

Increased Metabolic Activity

Laser Therapy enhances enzymatic activity within the cell, facilitates oxygen delivery from the bloodstream into the respiratory chain, and increases cell membrane permeability.  The damaged cells can repair and regenerate faster.

Accelerated Tissue Repair

Photons of light from lasers penetrate deeply into tissue and accelerate cellular reproduction and growth.  The laser light increases the energy available to the cell so that the cell can take on nutrients faster and get rid of waste products.  As a result of exposure to laser light, the cells of tendons, ligaments, bone, nerves, and muscles are repaired faster.

Faster Wound Healing

Laser light stimulates fibroblast development (fibroblasts are the building blocks of collagen, which is predominant in would healing) in damaged tissue. Collagen is the essential protein required to replace old tissue or to repair tissue injuries.  As a result, laser therapy is effective on open wounds, scars, and burns.

Reduced Inflammation

Laser light has an anti-edemic effect as it causes vasodilation, but also activates the lymphatic drainage system (drains swollen areas).  As a result, there is a reduction in swelling caused by bruising or inflammation.


Laser therapy has a highly beneficial effect on nerve cells which block pain transmitted by these cells to the brain and which decreases nerve sensitivity.  Also, due to less inflammation, there is less edema and less pain.  Another pain blocking mechanism involves the production of high levels of pain killing chemicals such as endorphins and enkephalins from the brain and adrenal gland.

Improved Vascular Activity

Laser light will significantly increase the formation of new capillaries in damaged tissue that speeds up the healing process, closes wounds quickly and reduces scar tissue.  Additional benefits include acceleration of angiogenesis, which causes temporary vasodilatation, and increase in the diameter of blood vessels.  More blood flow equals faster healing and less pain.

Improved Nerve Function

Slow recovery of nerve functions in damaged tissue can result in numbness and impaired limbs.  Laser light will speed up the process of nerve cell reconnection and increase the amplitude of action potentials to optimize muscle action.


Photons are absorbed by chromophores (molecule enzymes) that react to laser light.  The enzyme is activated and starts the production of ATP, which is the major carrier of cell energy and the energy source for all chemical healing reactions in the cells.  Long lasting pain relief occurs.

Trigger & Accupressure Points

Laser therapy reduces muscle trigger points and stimulates acupuncture points on a non-invasive basis providing musculoskeletal pain relief.

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