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Kare Health & Wellness is committed to serving patients by using comprehensive Functional & Integrative Medicine clinical care.
Our team has provided unmatched personalized care to patients from all over the world for more than 12 years.

Raising Your Expectations

At Kare Health & Wellness, we are committed to bringing a new, functional approach to healthcare. We work with our patients to explore their symptoms, not mask them with quick fixes. We've served thousands of patients since our clinic opened in 2011 and we continue to challenge the status quo of medical care. After being discounted or being told there's nothing wrong with your lab work, while still not feeling or living your best, you deserve a different experience.

Changing Mindsets

Whether you are new to Functional Medicine, or you are a forever friend of the field, we understand the challenge of doing something different. However, if our patients continue to do what they've been doing- without any resolve- no answers or results will ever be discovered.


Here at Kare Health & Wellness, we boldly encourage our patients, friends and fellow community members to look at healthcare through a different lens. Progress is achieved when our patients break free from the chains of a failing traditional system where insurance companies and generic protocols dictate "what's best" for patients.

You deserve something different, something better...

Your Functional Medicine Experience Begins Here

- Step 1 -

Start your new journey by taking that first step.
We are ready to help you!
Connect with one of our new patient coordinators. We will provide you with information and outline your next steps to becoming a patient.


- Step 2 -

We will send you an online link to complete your new patient paperwork. This comprehensive assessment provides us with information on your health history, your current health status and the goals you want to reach

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- Step 3 -

Attend our FREE new patient orientation.
We will use this time to tell you who we are, what we do and WHY we do it.
We want you to be informed and feel comfortable with our process prior to your initial appointment

Our Group Visits Offer Deep Dives Into Functional Medicine in Springfield Missouri

- Step 4 -

After completing these initial steps, we will schedule your initial appointment with our functional medicine team.
We'll work with you to establish a personalized timeline that fits your unique needs.

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Begin Your

One of our New Patient Coordinators would love to
talk with you about your health goals and how we can help
you optimize your health.

Dedicated To Providing More

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More time to tell your story

On average, our patients spend 30-70 minute with our medical providers during appointments. We know that you need more time to tell your story. We want to know about YOU, as a person- not just as a patient with symptoms.

Knowing your whole story will help us determine the best course of treatment for YOU.

More natural recommendations

Our providers are committed to a natural holistic approach to health. We know you want to fuel your body with natural supplemental products instead of synthetic pharmaceuticals that cause endless side effects.

More Options & Support

Functional Medicine offers patients an innovative approach to healthcare. Group medical visits, for example, are a unique and powerful tool what we use to create an environment of education, support and encouragement. Each one of us has a unique perspective on health & wellness that can be used to encourage others who are persevering in their own journey towards optimization.

We are committed to helping you achieve whole body health. Our team of dedicated providers, nurses, coaches, therapists and support staff are all part of your journey to better health & wellness.

Our Approach to Care

Personalized Treatment

We create and tailor a personal plan that aims to resolve symptoms and restore balance for your specific needs

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

We investigate through advanced diagnostic testing to identity the root cause of your symptoms or illness

Individualized Plan

We provide personalized recommendations for natural supplements, therapies and lifestyle changes that will best help you optimize your health

Ready To Transform Your Health? We Can Help!

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One of our New Patient Coordinators will connect with you within 24-48 business hours.

You can also call us at 417-881-4994 to request information. If you have questions or would like more information, you can reach out New Patient team at

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About Us

Our mission is to create a safe environment for our patients to share their story and be empowered to take control of their health.  We constantly challenge patients to think differently about their health. We never find contentment in simply being disease free. We want to help patients optimize their vitality of life so that they can strive for things that they thought were unattainable.

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