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Healthy shouldn't feel so heavy

If losing weight seems feels impossible, rest assured you are not alone. Weight gain is a common symptom of many different health issues.  By taking a holistic functional medicine approach, connecting behavioral coaching with medical science, our patients have broken free from the chains of weight gain.

For some, basic nutrition and lifestyle education can provide an integrative plan that resolves weight issues. For others, a complete functional medicine work up is necessary that addresses the underlying medical issues that are blocking their success.

Our medical providers will create a plan that makes medical weight loss a priority while we explore the conditions in which fuel weight gain. This process looks different for each patient based on their goals and lifestyle.


Our integrative weight loss program begins with a thorough history and physical with one of our functional medicine experts.  Our advanced diagnostic testing will provide information as to how your body is processing hormones, vitamins and nutrients.

We will work to optimize the hunger and metabolic hormones of the digestive system including insulin, & leptin. Using natural supplements or medications can assist controlling appetite and increasing up metabolism function.

Our team will walk through each step of this process until you reach a healthy weight and meet your goals. We understand that each patient's success is dependent on how their body responds to changes. Our goal is to provide a balanced, integrative plan to eliminate toxins, reduce inflammation and restore balance.

Your Weight Loss Journey Begins Here

- Step 1 -

Start your new journey by taking that first step. We are ready to help you! Our medical team will review your health history, find out where you are in your journey and work with you to decide what our most effective course of action will be

Patient Care With Integrative Medicine in Springfield Missouri Personalize Medicine

- Step 2 -
Advanced Diagnostics

Your lab work is an important piece of discovery. Through specialized testing, we will be able to uncover deficiencies and imbalances. Through the lab findings, we are able to identify what needs to be addressed in order to reach your goals

Functional Medicine Springfield Missouri - Advanced Diagnostics

- Step 3 -
Personalized Plan

Our medical providers will work with you to create a personalized plan that works for you. Nutrition plans, lifestyle plans and supplement plans are included in your journey with us. You'll learn to manage changes that are designed specifically for you

Group Medical Visits Improve Health and Wellness in Springfield Missouri - Support

- Step 4 -

By uncovering the underlying cause of your weight issues, we will begin to take steps towards restoration. Weight issues should not be a life long sentence that prevents you from living your best life. Optimization is possible!

Medical Weight Loss in Springfield Missouri - Keri Hugging Patient

Their Conventional Approach

Obesity is a problem with no solutions in sight for conventional medicine.  A conventional provider might offer dietary advice including reducing calories, reducing dietary fat, or eating specific foods. Throw in a few exercise handouts and a local gym discount and you're leaving the office ready to reach your goals. But if your weight increases and you feel overwhelmed at the grocery store, then you'll begin the same cycle of stress eating.


Our Integrative Approach

Your provider digs deeper into your personal story which includes a timeline of of lifestyle and diet choices. Weight issues are typically connected to other factors such as poor nutrition, inflammatory foods and environmental toxins. Through Functional Medicine, we will address metabolic, hormonal, environmental, and other factors that prevent you from losing weight. We will design a plan that propels you towards your personal goal.

The Weight Connection

While weight gain or the inability to lose weight can seem like your  most obvious health problem, we know that weight is typically a side effect of something bigger. Commonly, patients who begin to dig into their body's function discover deficiencies and imbalances which contribute or cause their weight issues. 

Weight Loss Enhancer - KHW Lifestyle IV Drips - IV Therapy in Springfield Missouri

Underlying Causes

  • Chronic Inflammation 
  • Poor Thyroid Function
  • Blood Sugar imbalance 
  • Food Allergies / Food Sensitivities
  • Digestion Problems 
  • Slow Metabolism 
  • Stress
  • Hormone Imbalance 
  • Adrenal Stress

Our Plan:

  • Identify inflammatory foods through food allergy and sensitivity testing
  • Design a personalized nutrition plan made specifically for you
  • Incorporate nutrient rich supplements to address deficiencies 
  • Reprogram metabolism and appetite 
  • Repair gut damage 
  • Restore balance 

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