Beware of EMFs with Functional Medicine


You might not have heard of EMF radiation – or electromagnetic field radiation – but it is all around you. It emits from electronics and appliances such as microwave ovens, cell-phones, Airpods, and more. Biochemistry Professor Jerry Phillips spoke with journalist Markham Heid about his particular concern that Airpods’ “placement in the ear canal exposes tissues in the head to relatively high levels of radio-frequency radiation.”

At Kare Health & Wellness, our approach to functional medicine in Springfield Missouri examines everything we’re putting into our bodies. Food, medicine, cosmetics and even the airpods we put in our ears.

As more smart-devices and other mobile products continue to be invented daily, the research and guidelines have lagged behind. With the popularity of smart-phones rising over the years, the National Institute of Environmental Health Science reports that “scientists admit that more research is needed.”

They are not the only scientific agency that feels that way. In 2015, over 250 scientists came together from 40 countries to sign a petition that compelled the World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations to strengthen international guidelines regarding safety and EMF radiation. Because there continues to be a lack of regulation and research, it is important for technology-users to be careful.

Effects of Electromagnetic Field Radiation

According to a study in the Electron Physician journal through the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the most common effect of EMFs is headaches. Since their launch, many Airpod users have complained about headaches. This is particularly true for those who use the headphones for extended periods of time. This is unsurprising as bluetooth-based headphones emit more EMFs than traditional headphones, though these headaches can occur with all products that give off EMFs.

In 2011, The International Agency for Research on Cancer convened a working group to look into the effects of cell-phones on causing cancer. While, like many studies, it was not able to find a conclusive link, they did produce a warning for consumers. The Chairman of the Working Group, Dr. Jonathan Samet, said “the evidence, while still accumulating, is strong enough to support a conclusion and [possibly carcinogenic to humans] classification. The conclusion means that there could be some risk, and therefore we need to keep a close watch for a link between cell phones and cancer risk.”

Though less researched, some of the effects could be even more severe. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine reports that “genetic damage, reproductive defects, neurological degeneration and nervous system dysfunction, immune system dysfunction, cognitive effects, protein and peptide damage, kidney damage, and developmental effects have all been reported in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.”

Protecting Yourself From EMFs

We use and recommend the Aires Tech products. Their research and technologies have totally shifted how scientists look at electromagnetic fields. Their products seek to minimize the harmful effects of and control electromagnetic fields to directly combat some of the most prominent EMF sources. Aires Shield Pro works with Cell Phones, Cordless Phones, Bluetooth Earpieces, Bluetooth headsets, Computers, Laptops, Monitors, Smart TVs, Smart Meters, or Wi-Fi Routers.

Aires Defender Pro is meant to be carried around by an individual to protect from the EMF they will encounter throughout their day. Aires Guardian was built to maintain protection for an entire home, office or automobile.

In addition to these and other Aires Tech products, KARE Health & Wellness also runs a functional medicine detox program where we work to get rid of some of the harmful byproducts of the EMFs that your electronics transmit.

If you want to detox or learn more about the effects of EMFs, reach out to Kare Health & Wellness in Springfield, Missouri at 417-881-4994. Our experts can work to protect you from the harmful radiation coming from the devices you use everyday.

Keri Sutton - RN, MSN, ANP-C, AGPCNP-BC

Keri is a Nurse Practitioner and founder at Kare Health & Wellness. Keri's pursuit of personal answers to her own health issues landed her in the top of Functional Medicine. As she utilized functional Medicine to get her own health and life back, she made it her life's work to bring this empowering form of healthcare to as many people as she can.

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