Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy

Remove & Restore

Many people today are increasingly exposed to toxic heavy metals such as lead, aluminum, mercury and cadmium. 

Chelation Therapy is an important medical treatment performed in our office for the removal of toxic metals such as lead and mercury from the body’s bloodstream and tissues.   


Treatment Time: 30 minutes- 2 Hours



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Removal of Toxins

Increase Blood Flow

Improve Quality Of Life

Used World-Wide

The word “chelation” comes from the Greek word chele or claw and refers to the chemical process of grabbing onto heavy metal ions.  Chelation is not a new thing, it has been around for decades. 

Over 60 years ago, angina or heart related chest pain was found to improve in some patients who received chelation therapy.  Doctor Blumer near Zurich, Switzerland has given tens of thousands of chelation treatments without adverse effects and followed his patients for up to 30 years afterward. He has reported an unbelievable 80-90% reduction in the incidence of heart attacks and cancer in his patients who took at least 30 of these.  Today several hundred doctors in the U.S. currently utilize IV chelation with a man-made amino acid called EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) as a treatment for angina and other forms of heart disease.


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Because so many people were receiving chelation treatments, the NIH funded a $40 million trial called TACT (The Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy) to explore its use as a treatment for heart disease. Much to the amazement of many cardiologists who participated in the trial and others, chelation therapy was shown to be significantly superior to placebo in the treatment of cardiovascular disease in patients with prior heart attacks. The improvement in diabetic patients was nearly 40 percent better than placebo!  The results were so successful that the NIH has funded further studies to corroborate these findings.


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Excessive Exposure

Excessive toxic metal exposure from the air, food, water, dental amalgams, and other sources is becoming a recognized and established underlying cause of both acute and chronic disease.

There is ongoing medical research validating the link between chronic diseases like heart disease and dementia  and environmental exposure to toxic metals.  Therefore, potential treatments for heavy metal toxicity, including IV chelation therapy, has become increasingly popular amongst Integrative Medicine practitioners.  

Chelation Therapy is an important medical treatment performed in our office for the removal of toxic metals such as lead and mercury from the body’s bloodstream and tissues.   


Although there is less published research in these areas, chelation therapy is also being used to treat macular degeneration; osteoporosis; mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease associated with heavy metal toxicity; autoimmune diseases, especially scleroderma; migraines, and fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome with high levels of toxic metals detected with a challenge test.

Prior to receiving chelation therapy, a challenge test should be performed.  During this test, a lower dose of chelating agents is given and urine collected for 6 hours following to assess which heavy metals are present.

To effectively chelate most heavy metals, 20-30 treatments are required.  Treatments take 30 minutes or less and are typically administered 1-2 times per week. Our providers will create a personalized plan that is tailored to your needs!
If you are receiving a chelation therapy you should avoid taking in minerals 24 hours prior to the treatment. 

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