Drinking Water Before Meals Best Way To Lose Weight

Drinking Water Before Meals Best Way To Lose Weight

Drinking two cups of water half an hour before meals could be the best way to lose weight. A study proved that the theory of drinking water before eating could help shed pounds.

Although drinking water to lose weight has often been recommended in popular weight loss programs, not a lot of evidence was available to back this theory up. A study found in the journal Obesity finally proved the theory to be true.

The study gathered 84 overweight and obese participants and divided them into two groups. Each person was given general weight loss advice, according to Dr. Amanda Daley from the University of Birmingham, lead author of the study. Each participant was advised to follow a 1,200-calorie eating plan for women and 1,500-calorie eating plan for men for more than 12 weeks, according to Daily Mail.

The first group was put on a hypocaloric diet, which meant eating fewer calories than energy being expended. The participants were also told to simply imagine that their stomachs were full before meals.

The second group of participants were also put on a hypocaloric diet but were told to increase water intake. Participants were told to drink two cups of water half an hour before eating three large daily meals.

Researchers of the study monitored the weight of each participant at the start, middle and end of the research study. Researchers also monitored urine production to ensure that the water-boosted group indeed drank more water.

While both groups lost weight during the course of the study, the water-loaded group lost three more pounds compared to the group that didn’t increase their water intake. Results also showed that people who drank at least 16 ounces before every meal, lost about 9 pounds over the course of the experiment.

Results of the study show that people who drink water before meals ate fewer calories before actual meals. The studies show that they ate an average of 40 fewer calories for every meal.

Daley explains that water might be effective since it fills people up and increases satiety, according to Time. The study confirmed years of previous studies that show people who drank more water consume an average of 200 calories less than people who do not drink water before meals.

Daley shares that drinking more water before meals can help with weight management, regardless of a person’s BMI status. Experts suggest that two cups of water half an hour before meals can encourage weight loss.

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