Full-Fat Dairy Products Benefits

Full-Fat Dairy Products Benefits - Diet Plans Springfield MO

Full-Fat Dairy Products Benefits

Recently, two studies are suggesting that eating full-fat dairy foods instead of low or non-fat dairy products may help cut the risk for diabetes and obesity and can aid in diet plans. While the research is still early, the researchers say that those who consume full-fat dairy products had a 46 percent lower risk of developing diabetes. This research was based on blood test analysis that showed biomarkers for full-fat dairy consumption.

The Women’s Health Study, which examined over 18,000 women who were middle aged and showed that those who ate more full-fat dairy products had an 8 percent lowered chance of becoming obese throughout their life. These women were healthy weight, no cancer, diabetes and no cardiovascular disease.

The U.S. Dietary Guidelines are straight forward in their recommendations and most feel they should not be changed. However, keeping saturated fat consumption, which is whole milk, to less than 10 percent of calories per day, but a latte with one cup of whole milk contains almost a quarter of the daily total. Some nutrition experts claim that while changing the dietary guidelines might be a slim chance at this point, they should be re-evaluated.

While these studies do not answer the big questions of how and why, they do produce results that have made other experts ask these questions. The results are that consuming full-fat dairy products rather than non-fat ones can reduce diabetes and aid in diet plans in the future. However, this may be because while there are good and carbohydrates, the same applies to good and bad fat. Some think that because full fat dairy products make people feel satisfied, it will lead to less caloric intake and more satiety. These studies show the fact that health and science are always evolving and producing new results that differ from past ones.


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