I Got 99 Problems & Turmeric Solved Them All

I Got 99 Problems & Turmeric Solved Them All - Homeopathy Springfield MO

Inflammation is an incredibly important factor when managing long-term health and wellness in Springfield Missouri. While acute, short-term inflammation can help your body fight pathogens and repair damage, long-term inflammation can pose a variety of major health risks.

Scientists are quickly realizing that chronic inflammation is a factor in nearly every chronic Western health issue – everything from heart disease and cancer to Alzheimer’s Disease. The good news is that chronic inflammation is highly treatable. This week, we’re diving into one of the most powerful and delicious inflammation-fighting tools: turmeric.

Where Did Turmeric Originate?

If you’ve spent much time in the kitchen, you’re probably familiar with turmeric, the vibrant yellow spice used in a variety of Indian dishes like curry. Turmeric has a long history of being used both for its taste and its medicinal properties.

It’s been used in southeast Asia for nearly 4,000 years as a spice and a medicinal herb with a long list of benefits. Recently, the benefits of turmeric have become more mainstream, and the spice has made its way into all kinds of dishes, from burritos to lattes.

Turmeric’s Secret Weapon: Curcumin

So, what makes turmeric so beneficial? The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, a polyphenol that can reduce the effects of oxidative and inflammatory conditions – everything from metabolic syndrome and arthritis to chronic anxiety.

Curcumin’s benefits are incredibly far-reaching, but perhaps the most exciting benefit is the effect on the blood vessels. Curcumin has been shown to improve the function of the endothelium, which is the lining of your blood vessels. Blood vessel dysfunction plays a role in poor blood pressure, blood clotting and other issues that can all lead up to a major killer: heart disease.

By improving the function of the blood vessel lining, curcumin dramatically reduces the risk of heart disease. Curcumin is also a known adaptogen, one of several non-toxic compounds that help the body resist stressors. In simpler terms, compounds like curcumin can reduce the body’s secretion of stress hormones. That, in turn, can improve your body’s antioxidant defense, reducing the impact of colon, stomach, lung, breast, and skin cancers.

How Can I Access Turmeric’s Benefits?

You can reap the benefits of turmeric with as little as 500 milligrams of curcumin per day, but we often recommend up to 4,000 milligrams for varying levels of inflammation. A good rule of thumb is that one teaspoon of fresh or ground turmeric contains about 200 milligrams of curcumin.

While turmeric is a delicious additive to all kinds of dishes, the body isn’t able to absorb all of the curcumin into the bloodstream without the help of certain delivery agents. While additives like black pepper can certainly help with absorption, your best bet is to find supplements in Springfield Missouri that contains the curcumin you need. That’s where we come in.

At Kare Health and Wellness, we offer an Ortho Molecular brand product called Traumeric that includes high doses of curcumin. Traumeric provides a blend of nutrients that support a healthy inflammatory cycle by balancing eicosanoid and cytokine metabolism while inhibiting pain and inflammation. It can be a great tool in staving off Western ailments like cancers, metabolic syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease while treating everyday issues like joint pain.

If you’re interested in learning more about defeating chronic inflammation, reach out to Kare Health and Wellness in Springfield, Missouri at 417-881-4994. Our goal is twofold: to improve your immediate health and prevent future health issues through homeopathy in Springfield Missouri. Our experts can connect you with supplements like Traumeric while walking you through a nutrition roadmap for lifelong wellness.

Keri Sutton - RN, MSN, ANP-C, AGPCNP-BC

Keri is a Nurse Practitioner and founder at Kare Health & Wellness. Keri's pursuit of personal answers to her own health issues landed her in the top of Functional Medicine. As she utilized functional Medicine to get her own health and life back, she made it her life's work to bring this empowering form of healthcare to as many people as she can.

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