July 2022 Specials – Heart Health and Wellness

Your heart beats approximately 2.5 billion times over the average lifetime. It pumps millions of gallons of blood all over the body, carrying oxygen, fuel, and hormones with it. When the heart stops, essential functions fail, some almost instantly.

Since your heart works 24/7, 365 days a year – it’s important to focus on your heart health and wellness. You can ensure your heart keeps working like it should by taking good care of it. This month’s specials revolve around heart health and wellness in Springfield Missouri with products that support healthy lipid levels.

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Time Release Niacin

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is a micronutrient with a 40-year history of efficacy in supporting healthy lipid levels, especially high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) levels. However, one side effect often makes supplementing niacin a less than pleasurable experience, limiting adherence. Some patients experience flushing when supplementing niacin. However, a properly manufactured, sustained-release niacin circumvents this side effect. By using a proprietary, natural wax-matrix coating technology, Time Release Niacin is released slowly over a six- to eight-hour period to reduce flushing.

Orthomega Fish Oil

Orthomega® 820 is a high-concentration fish oil sourced from waters off the Chilean coast. As the world’s least industrialized coastline, these cold, fresh waters provide the cleanest, most sustainable source of fish in the world. Orthomega® provides 820 mg of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) per soft gel as natural triglycerides, the preferred form with superior absorption. Vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols) and rosemary extract are used to ensure maximum purity and freshness. This exclusive fish oil is purified, vacuum-distilled and independently tested to ensure heavy metals, pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are removed to undetectable levels.


CoQ10 is a lipid-soluble antioxidant found in every cell in the body. CoQ10 is abundant in the mitochondrial membrane and plays an important role in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule of chemical energy upon which all cellular functions depend. The synthesis of ATP within the mitochondria is a multi-step series of biochemical reactions called the electron transport chain.

As a coenzyme, CoQ10 is required for several enzymatic reactions required to produce cellular energy and to protect the body against free radicals produced during this process. To maintain energy production, mitochondrial CoQ10 is continuously recycled from ubiquinone, its ATP production state, to ubiquinol, its antioxidant state. After the age of 35 to 40 years, endogenous synthesis of CoQ10 begins to decline.

Reacted Magnesium

Magnesium is an abundant mineral in the body and is found naturally in many foods, like green leafy vegetables. It is also found in over-the-counter medications, such as laxatives. The average American intake of magnesium, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES Study) is critically low: Many Americans fail to consume the estimated average requirement (EAR) established by the Institute of Medicine. In addition, more than 57% of the population does not meet the United States Department of Agriculture requirements for magnesium in the diet.

Intracellular magnesium levels are decreased by excessive intake of alcohol, salt, coffee, phosphoric acid found in sodas, diets high in calcium and high stress levels. Because of widespread nature of magnesium deficiencies, adequate daily intake of magnesium is critical for proper hydration, stress response, muscle relaxation, promoting healthy blood pressure levels, optimal bone mineral density, and blood sugar regulation.


  • Improves Cellular Energy Production
  • Stimulates Fat Utilization and Boosts Metabolism
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  • Supports Post-Training Muscle Recovery

L-carnitine is an amino acid essential for the transport of fatty acids into the cell mitochondria. Research has shown that L-carnitine stimulates the use of fat for fuel and boosts metabolism, which plays a key role in weight management. L-carnitine has also been found to support cardiovascular health and to increase aerobic capacity during exercise. The L-Carnitine formulation provides 500 mg of L-carnitine per capsule, now delivered using quick-release, fast-absorbing Licaps® Technology. The Licaps® capsule shell matrix seals and protects the nutrient inside with a nitrogen bubble, ensuring maximum freshness. The thin shell dissolves rapidly, releasing a liquid formulation that speeds nutrient absorption. These cutting-edge advancements in capsule filling, sealing and nutrient delivery ensure therapeutic potency and efficacy.

Carnitine Synergy

Carnitine Synergy™ uniquely combines L-carnitine and its acetylated form into each capsule in a 4:1 ratio.

Mitochondrial NRG

Mitochondrial NRG™ is a formulary blend of nutrients, nutraceuticals, botanicals, and Krebs cycle intermediates designed to support efficient mitochondrial metabolism and energy (adenosine triphosphate [ATP]) production for increased vitality.

Mitochondrial NRG™ was designed to support the function of the mitochondria, also known as “the powerhouse of the cell.”

This formula is for anyone wishing to promote overall cellular and tissue vitality and health, including those wanting to increase energy output for athletic performance.

In addition to our supplement specials, we also have the following specials in July.


Botox units will be on sale for only $10 per unit. Regular price: $12.

Botox can be used to temporarily lessen wrinkles. It is used to weaken the muscles in areas on the face which in turn eliminates repetitive use that causes wrinkles. It can be used on the forehead, crowsfeet (laugh lines) and/or glabella area. Botox combined with fillers are an amazing, non-invasive way to lessen deep wrinkles and provide a more youthful facial appearance.

Solo Dome Infrared Sauna $20

Lay down and relax! Our Solo System is a unique personal sauna that surrounds your body with the proven effects of SoloCarbon far infrared heat to aid in detoxification, increase core body temperature and temporarily lower blood pressure. Book Online Here

You will love letting the Solo Dome hold you for a deeply relaxing, detoxifying experience. You’ll receive the gift of renewed energy, mental relaxation and cellular level cleansing.


Cabinet Infrared Sauna $20

Sit in comfort while you enjoy the benefits of the infrared cabinet sauna. Book Online Here

Solocarbon® is the only infrared sauna heater using far-infrared (FIR) technology that is clinically shown to raise core temperature nearly 3 degrees. The infrared spectrum consists of near-infrared (NIR), mid-infrared (MIR), and far-infrared (FIR) waves, each with distinct characteristics and health benefits. Infrared Sauna Therapy at Kare Health & Wellness offers all three peak wavelengths for the maximum therapeutic results.

Athletic Recovery Drip $20 Off

Our Athletic Recovery IV Drip is designed to help replenish and restore all the vitamins and minerals athletes need to succeed. It boosts your immune system, improves athletic performance, reduces inflammation, helps to maintain proper hydration, supports a healthy digestive system, fights fatigue, and even enhances your body’s detoxification process! Book Online Here

Athletic Performance Drip $20 Off

* This infusion is only available to established patients. To book, please call to schedule or discuss with your provider at your next visit.

IV nutrient therapy helps athletes to boost performance, increase strength, reduce fatigue and shorten recovery time. The treatments we have found to be most helpful with athletic performance include an array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and glutathione.

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