Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle

Learning to live Klean

Functional nutrition, a type of functional medicine, focuses on using healthy, natural foods to help people improve their health. This patient-centered, holistic approach has many benefits when it comes to functional nutrition. Our practitioners look at the ways food affects the entire body and how foods affect different people.

This may look like inflammation for some people and may cultivate as food allergies for others.We believe the role of food should be disease prevention, maintaining good health, and allowing the body to function properly.

We MUST pay attention to what we are eating. The processed option might be tasty but we compromise long term good health for short term good taste.

Our approach to functional nutrition in Springfield Missouri is one that sees food as medicine, both in the eyes of prevention and the eyes of treatment. Especially when chronic disease plagues a person’s body, the fuel and fighting power of fresh and functional foods is the best defense there is.

Our nutritional group visits are for those who are looking to make nutrition and lifestyle changes, but may not know where to start. While every person’s goals are different, there is power in the collaborative experience that is shared in a group setting. The support, recommendations, and feedback from not only our medical provider, but also others who are facing similar food challenges will be beneficial as you begin or continue your health journey.


Klean Eats

Discover the basics about nutrition that will set your diet up for success!

We will learn the building blocks of food, how to meal plan and how to shop for the right foods. Whether you’re on a weight loss journey, or just simply cleaning up your diet, this group visit will teach you to defend yourself from additives that wreck havoc on your health!

*This group visit is available to current patients and non-patients four times a month*




Kut It Out

Say goodbye to foods that cause adverse reactions and discomfort!

Could the symptoms you are experiencing stem from the foods you are eating? You CAN eliminate certain foods from your diet to become healthier and happier! We will outline WHERE to start, HOW to make it work, and WHY you need to eliminate to thrive!

Food allergy testing is recommended before attending this group visit.

*This group visit is available to current patients and non-patients twice a month*

Contact our office for more information and to schedule your group visit appointment.