Cheri Meyer

Director, Clinical Services

Cheri joined the KARE Health & Wellness Team in Spring of 2022 as an Assistant Clinic Director. She brings over 21 years of customer-focused, relationship-driven management, and service experience.

After working from home for 4 years, Cheri really wanted to be a part of an organization that was making a difference in people’s lives. She missed working for a business that had a deeper heart and vision for our community. With her Bachelors in Business Administration Degree, Cheri has been able to utilize her passion for helping others, while supporting the needs of daily operations within the Clinic.

In Fall of 2022, her role changed to Director of Clinical Services which helps her directly support our Clinic and Infusion Teams. Her continuous goal is striving to improve your functional health experience with our staff and resources offered here at KARE!


About Us

Our mission is to create a safe environment for our patients to share their story and be empowered to take control of their health.  We constantly challenge patients to think differently about their health. We never find contentment in simply being disease free. We want to help patients optimize their vitality of life so that they can strive for things that they thought were unattainable.

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