Covid-19 Care

Our acute care center offers patients a comfortable experience while combining the power of IV nutrition, replenishing fluids, and effective prescriptions when needed. Our team is ready to help you and your family through acute illness and hope with effective treatment options outside of the traditional hospital setting.

Here, you are heard, you are seen, and we are ready to truly help you!

As the world watches the medical community's response to Covid-19, our local community has been searching for options and alternatives to acute illness care. Due to the overwhelming need for common sense and effective care, we have developed and acute illness plan that has helps thousands of patients fight symptoms, replenish their immune systems and recover faster. By using effective protocols and personalized treatment plan, made specific to each patient, we have created an outpatient experience to fuel the immune response.

Our goal is to provide effective treatment options such as IV therapy, anti-viral medications, antibiotics, in-office breathing treatments and oxygen therapy (if needed) while also infusing our patients and their families with hope and encouragement during, what can be, a scary and challenging time. Our medical staff and medical providers are here to walk through this WITH you and provide all of the support you and your family needs.

Here, you are heard, you are seen, and we are ready to truly help you!

Testing Options 

We offer a variety of testing options including Covid-19 Rapid tests, Flu A Tests, Step Tests and Covid-19 Anitbodies.

Savannah Walking With Patient - IV Therapy in Springfield Missouri

IV Therapy

Our effective IV therapy options will replenish your body and fuel your immune system. Our providers will help determine the best IV drip for you!

Restore - IV Hydration in Springfield Missouri


Our medical providers will determine the need for prescription intervention. We can also use powerful anti-viral medications, antibiotics and steroids.

Kare Monthly Focus On Health and Wellness in Springfield Missouri

Oxygen Support

Our team can determine if you need additional oxygen support. We are able to administer in-office oxygen support and manage in-home use.

Our Group Visits Offer Deep Dives Into Functional Medicine in Springfield Missouri


We will provide you with a personalized vitamin and supplement plan to continue your at-home care as you recover. These can be purchased in-office or online.

Our Group Visits Offer Deep Dives Into Functional Medicine in Springfield Missouri

Our Patients Say It Best

I did enjoy the gathering and learning from other patients. I also learned from just listening to Keri speaking on different things that I would probably not received as a one-on-one visit, because I would not have asked those specific questions.

Debbie M.

Keri was extremley wonderful and very caring to each individual. She did a great job going though each section of the lab work. 

Mindy L. 

There were lots of opportunities to ask questions and get clarification. Other people asked questions I did not think about!

Jendel W.

I really loved the experience! Thank you for bringing this concept to our area.

Rendy S. 

I really appreciated that Keri was so prepared and familiar with each of us at the table!

Cathy R. 

I like the relaxed atmosphere during the food allergy group. We all had similar questions and concerns and the information from Keri about healing the gut. 

Susan S. 

Experience The Difference Of Functional Medicine.

About Us

Our mission is to create a safe environment for our patients to share their story and be empowered to take control of their health.  We constantly challenge patients to think differently about their health. We never find contentment in simply being disease free. We want to help patients optimize their vitality of life so that they can strive for things that they thought were unattainable.

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